Our Story

Hello! I'm Tanya, the Founder of Being Baked Cookies.

After moving to Vancouver in 2016, I struggled with homesickness, anxiety, and stress. Back then, I didn't exactly know what "mental health" was. I grew up in a culture that didn't talk openly about personal issues, and so I cultivated this belief that my struggles were my own to deal with. When I finally sought professional help two years later, I expanded my knowledge on mental health and it became an area of life I felt deeply passionate about.

After diving into therapy, reading science-based articles, and indulging in self-help books and podcasts, I realised if I can spread mental health literacy and provoke discourse on mental health, then more people would be equipped with the knowledge and resources to take better care of themselves. 

Shortly after graduating in the summer of 2020, I started spending more time in the kitchen—a safe space I found comfort in. As I developed my gourmet cookie recipe with my roommates as my "beta-tasters", I was encouraged to start my own business.

But if I was going to start my own business, it had to be more than just cookies.

So I thought about my values, what mattered to me, what my passions were and I came up with Being Baked—because it's easier to say you want a cookie than it is to admit you need help or that you're not okay. Being Baked strives to remind you that we're not final products. We're still growing, adapting, and learning about ourselves and the world.

And we deserve to hone in on the present moment to give ourselves the chance to be grateful and mindful that here is temporary.

It is my hope that when you experience Being Baked, you feel like you truly belong and find comfort in your present... in your presence. 

Thank you for Being with me.