• here is a good place to be

Think fortune cookies, but gourmet and with purpose.

Each cookie order is sold with a postcard and sticker that serves to uplift and remind us of the presence's impermanence.


We understand the mental struggles being human comes with.

Feelings like "not being enough", "lost", "not doing enough" are shared amongst us all. We don't say this to minimize how you feel; rather, we say this to remind you that you aren't alone in your struggles. We strive to destigmatize mental health and create a community that sees the value in taking care of our own mental health through mindfulness. We want to offer you an experience where you can finally let go of all the weight you've been carrying and just be with a cookie.

Nothing else matters, only the now.

It’s our hope that you continue to find unique crumbs of joy every day.


These cookies are so delicious and made with so much thought, I can not recommended them enough! Every aspect from start to finish is done with care and consideration, all in order to make your experience the best possible. I love that! 10/10 Amazing! 💚

- Elly-Louise

Best cookies in Vancouver! I buy cookies from Tanya and they never make it home or even to the car, they’re that good! Tanya is a great person and a great baker too. Happy to support her business!

- Sofia

Being Baked Cookies are a staple in my house - they are the perfect combination or crunchy exterior with a soft, chewy delicious interior. The owner, Tanya, is an absolute delight - always attentive and always responsive. Cannot recommend them enough!

- Coral

Okay. The chocolate orange cookie changed my life. It tastes just like a Terry's chocolate orange, if not better.

- Naomi

The cookies were INCREDIBLE!!!! Seriously the best cookies I've had in years!!!

- Amelia